Languages I know fairly well

  • Ruby

    • I type on this nearly everyday for work. And Rails is so easy to me now. It's still what I reach for first when putting together a new project. The speed at which I can get something going with ruby and rails is, well fast.

  • JS

    • JS is like English, the language franca of the web, which is there I do 90% of my programing for in some way or another.

Frameworks I know well

  • Ruby on Rails

Languages I know moderately well

  • Elixir

    • Functional languages make me think about programming differently, may I say, better. I like to organize my code more as a data manipulation than as objects, it just makes more sense to me.

Languages I'm interested in learning (in order)

  • Crystal

    • The ability to package up a single binary is nice, it's like go but better for me because I know ruby. Static typed, compiled, fast.

  • Rust

    • To broaden my horizons really, and think more about memory management.

  • Nim

    • For most of the same reasons as crystal but with a couple interesting language features like its generics and method overloading.

Frameworks I'm interested in learning

  • Amber - Crystal

    • Because of its pure speed.

  • Svetle3

    • Likes like a nice fresh take on frontend frameworks, I like the idea of the framework being more like a compiler. We usually have a build step in the front end anyways.

  • Phoenix

    • Its fault tolerant nature would make me happy to deploy code that is meant to stay up for a long time, or code that need to run many concurrent connections at once.

  • VueJS

    • This is like my goto instead of jQuery these days possibly. It's such a nice framework.

Frameworks I have used

  • Angular 1 and 2

  • VueJS

  • Rails 3,4,5